Here are a few graphics that I whipped up for myself and others in the past. Most were just signatures for forums at They vary in quality as I got better over time. I've slowed down a bit due to work and other hobbies but I come back to this silly hobby every once and awhile!

M8 Rocket League Signature
Checkm8 Team Fortress 2 image
M8 Ville Signature
Soup Nazi signature
Checkm8 BT6 signature
Checkm8 Spy signature
Checkm8 Sniper signature
Bender smashing can signature
Checkm8 sig
Trog! sig
Scout signature
batman signature
Checkm8 Pong signature
Checkm8 Giblets signature
Buzzy signature
Arzt signature
Mortis signature
Sniper signature
demo signature
Espada signature
Spectral Fire signature
Checkm8 signature
Demo signature
EJ signature
Guardian signature
Kabookie signature
Checkm8 signature
Rigges signature
Spy signature
Checkm8 signature
email button
TheVille symbol
TVR Avatar
Ville Rocket League Logo
M8 avatar
BR logo
TF2 condom
Heavy with Mr. Hat
Ellis and Witch image from L4D2
Charger and Witch image from L4D2